eimolife Natural wood Bamboo hard Panel stand for iPhone, iPad, SamSung mobile phone, Tablet PCs, e-Readers, kindle, etc. (bamboo)


$49.99 $14.99

Compatible with multiple tablets & e-Readers, books or artwork including iPad, Kindle Fire, Galaxy Tab, etc.

The natural bamboo/wood stand not only enhances the beauty of your Phone/tablet, but brings out the uniqueness while still making all the ports easily accessible and fully functional.

Aesthetic eco-friendly product Crafted from 100% real bamboo/wood. Lightweight yet sturdy design.

Interlocking bamboo/wood pieces are easy to assemble and disassemble for easy storage and portability.

Grooves on the base securely hold your iPad in place, while allowing you to select between 2 viewing angles, and the Phone/tablet can be easily and securely rested on the bamboo/wood stand both vertically or horizontally

Please note:

1. The wood /bamboo iPad stand is not as strong as hard plastic, so please take care of it.
2. Avoid from direct - sun exposure, or soaking the wood/bamboo stand for a long time in water.
3. Please dry the wood/bamboo stand out with fine cloth if there is any water on it, and then leave it to dry naturally.

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