eimolife SamSung Galaxy S3 III Natural Handmade Wood Bamboo Case Protective Cover (black walnut)


$75.99 $20.99

Awesome surface texture; Handcrafted by 100% eco-friendly natural wood material.

Form-fitting hard wood case designed to protect the phone from scratches and dirt, enabling you to keep your device in the new condition and well preserve its looks and features.

2-piece slide around the phone makes it easy to insert the phone and has perfect holes for the charger, headphones and the camera.

Ultra slim, lightweight and stylish.

Real wood/bamboo case for SamSung Galaxy S3 III which perfectly fits in the phone that prevents slip from your hands.

Please note:

1. The wood /bamboo case is not as strong as hard plastic, so please take care of it.
2. Avoid from direct - sun exposure, or soaking the wood/bamboo case for a long time in water.
3. Please dry the wood/bamboo case out with fine cloth if there is any water on it, and then leave it to dry naturally.

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