eimolife Elegant Headphone Natural Wood Stand Wooden Headset Holder (U Shape) with Anti-skid Feet for Headphones of All Sizes (walnut)


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Natural wood--
This stand is handcrafted from natural wood which keeps the original beauty and fragrance of eco-friendly wood material without additional colors. All materials are natural and eco-friendly wood and have no harm to your health.

Simple but nice profile--
This wooden stand is designed into U shape which presents a tridimensional profile. It crafted without redundant edges and corners but only smooth and elegant streamlines and grains of original wood. The simple but special beauty makes the wood stand itself an artistic work which brings you closer to the nature while enjoy the technology in life.

Functional stand--
Not only nice in form, but also functional in use. It can be a best solution for displaying different sized headphones since it can well hold them and protect them deformation and other damages.
It also has four anti-skid feet for skid resistance on the smooth surface.

Size: 26cm×16cm×11cm
Weight: 460g
Materials: Plywood

Due to the inconsistent nature of the materials and hand-made process, these specifications may slightly vary for each product. Wood grain is different for each product and may contain some knots or natural smudges.